New tax rules and potential solutions for Buy to Let landlords

With more than 400 people at our Buy To Let seminars over the past few months, it’s clear that the new tax rules are a major cause of concern for landlords of residential property. We are working with a number of landlords who are planning for the effect of this new regime. They know that if they leave matters until 2017, when the new rules start to take effect, they will be behind the curve. For some individuals, the answer is a sale of some of their properties to try to reduce their borrowings and hence the effect of a restriction on tax relief for interest on those borrowings. If this decision is taken as the new rules come into effect, some people will be caught up in what might become a rush to sell properties. This is likely to be a buyer's market and so this could impair the value that can be obtained on a sale of these properties. For others, the best solution may be to incorporate their properties, and the debt on them, into a limited company. This is a major decision, and … [Read More...]



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