How to succeed with Public Relations: 5 top tips from Horizonworks

Today we welcome a guest blog post from Horizonworks, a full service strategic marketing company based in Newcastle upon Tyne... Regardless of whether you’re a start-up or a multi-national company, PR is an essential tool for building … [Read More...]


Directors’ responsibilities before and after insolvency

As company director, there are a number of duties that apply in your role during the normal course of the company conducting its business. These include the following: Keeping accurate companies books and records including accounting records Preparing and filing accounts or making returns to Companies House Submitting tax returns and paying on a timely basis Ensuring that you are not trading at a time when the company could be deemed to be insolvent Ensuring that you are not trading at the expense of creditors Your duties as a director must continue in the event of the company entering any form of insolvency procedure. Your integrity and conduct may be questioned if you fail to do so. The following is a list of responsibilities which should not be taken as being exhaustive:- In the period prior to the formal insolvency taking place, the Directors remain responsible for the Company and must continue to comply with all government and other statutory … [Read More...]


Let’s Grow fund – the next round

The fourth round of the regional “Let’s Grow” fund will shortly be coming to a close.  The deadline for ‘expressions of interest’ is Friday 24th April, with the deadline for full applications being the 22nd May. The scheme offers grants of between £50,000 to £1m on projects with spend of £200,000 or more and the best tips we can offer anyone considering an application are: Get advice from your accountants and consult with BE Group throughout the process to increase your chance of your bid being acceptable. Make sure you meet State Aid requirements (check out for guidance, or speak to an adviser. Make sure you create or safeguard sustainable jobs without causing loss of jobs elsewhere in the UK. Large companies can only apply for new activities, which is a change to the previous rules. Have a watertight argument to support the need for grant assistance. The icing on the cake for the judging committee would be if the grant supported innovation, … [Read More...]

Community Amateur Sports Clubs- And they’re off!

On Friday 27th March 2015, HMRC finally released the long anticipated CASC guidance notes, found at the link below, in relation to the new rules which will officially come into action on 1st April 2015. The guidance notes were as expected with some helpful examples included to demonstrate ways in which current registered CASCs could adapt certain aspects of their club in order to remain compliant with the new requirements. For example, the guidance provides detailed examples of ways which golf clubs could adapt their membership fees in order to enable those golf clubs with fees higher than the new £520 annual limit to remain a CASC. The guidance also sets out methods which HMRC would find acceptable as methods for CASCs to keep records of their members who “participate” in the sport, to assist those clubs with … [Read More...]



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